SUDDENLY: A Short New Musical


A stretched relationship between a mother, LINDSAY, and her daughter, MAX, reaches its breaking point, pushing Max to leave. Following her into the subway, the pair find themselves in seperate carriages of a train which experiences an engine failure, causing a complete halt.

Unaware of how long they’ll be trapped; they are forced to confront the issues causing their rift, by reflecting on their past, their innate insecurities, and personal struggles.

SUDDENLY is a short new contemporary musical that foregrounds the importance of strong familial relationships, the power of confronting your past traumas, and acts as a reminder to appreciate what, and who, you have.

We’ve all felt like we’ve wanted more; whether that’s in your home, at work, in the bank, in a relationship, or just in life itself. This feeling innately causes us to divert our attention away from what we have, and more importantly, away from who we have supporting us. Never has this been more apparent than in today’s culture of physical and social materialism. Yet throughout the past few months, with a pandemic spreading across the globe, we have all been forced to look inward and recognise our luxuries, however big or small they may be, and be reminded of what matters to us. Enter SUDDENLY; a contemporary pop/rock musical about a tested mother/daughter relationship, that reminds us of what’s truly important in life- family and appreciation.

 In an innovative move, this production will be entirely designed for camera, and utilise the best features of film, combined with the most thrilling elements of live musical theatre. The inspiring story, high energy, and great excitement is the perfect remedy for these challenging times and darkness throughout our theatres.

There’s something so inspiring and enriching that comes out of watching others learn about themselves and course-correct their behaviours to positively influence their future. Not only does SUDDENLY present this, but it brings the audience into the experience with it’s beautiful and energetic score and storytelling. But it’s more than that, this musical and its core story are ultimately a reflection of its audience, and therefore have the power to engender a positive shift within us all.



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