SUDDENLY: A Short New Musical


Embracing the digital renaissance of live theatre through filmed media, SUDDENLY is one of the first original stage musicals, created for the screen.

From it’s conception through to production, SUDDENLY has been designed for camera in a thrilling new way, unifying the scale and electricity of live performance, with the nuance and intimacy of film.

Not only does this innovative new format break down the barriers of location, time, and cost, between audiences and new theatrical works, but also the barriers of traditional live performance, allowing for the emergance of new storytelling techniques and styles that are only just beginning to be explored.

“Never before have we seen a brand new film that gives us the premiere of an entirely original stage musical. The electrifying score, world-class talent, and evocative story will blow you away, and stay with you long after the credits roll.

The best seat in the house is wherever you are right now, and we can’t wait to immerse you in this innovative theatrical experience.”



A stretched relationship between a mother, LINDSAY, and her daughter, MAX, reaches its breaking point, pushing Max to leave. Following her into the subway, the pair find themselves in seperate carriages of a train which experiences an engine failure, causing a complete halt.

Unaware of how long they’ll be trapped; they are forced to confront the issues causing their rift, by reflecting on their past, their innate insecurities, and personal struggles.

SUDDENLY is a short new contemporary musical that foregrounds the importance of strong familial relationships, the power of confronting your past traumas, and acts as a reminder to appreciate what, and who, you have.

SUDDENLY: A Short New Musical Conor Putland Katie Weston Kara Sims